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You be in sea or you be in the sky
Or else be in a blaze or in tears
I go on searching your tiny cute eyes,
For the whole of my existence
Keeping all these beautiful memoirs
under my breast.

You consider it to be true or false
How I can explain you, my heart
Without you, everything is just a false.
I am not wet in the shower of rain
I am wet in tears deeply
Could it be that if one gets wet in the shower,
the immense sorrowful existence
is wiped out, even a slightest?
I don’t know, why, you might be thinking about me
You will be the very words of my poetry
of this colorless life of mine.

Take whole of my life span
Give all your sorrows and pain to me
When I go to cremation ground
Ditch me even,
shading two drops of tears only.
I have no regrets!

O my friend!

Have you ever understood?

Have you tried to understand,

the tavern’s sorrows?

Try to get through at least once.

Today, I am the tavern

and thou the traveler.

Receding away with

giving out a tiny streak of light

I have never asked -

Why did you come?

Why did you enter deep into,

this bruised heart?

And sprouted a handful of

emotions and deepest outbursts

in my very breast.

Below the horizon of hopes

this tavern, today, being desperate,

shed tears

in the memory of your loving presence.

To whom should I tell?

Why should I tell?

Who else is there?

Who is there to listen to its sorrows?

Only you can pour joy within its life

Truly, are you coming once more,

into the domain of the hope of this solitary tavern?

You will dispel out the,

darkness shrouded

in the mid of this four wall.

Is it that the

tavern would get an impression of light

on its mortal body?

It will thus gain,

the impression of its love

and a sign of peace and content.

Isn’t that true?

You vehemently come into the

solitary pathways of my hope.

You give out a fragrance

in my garden of hope.

You are my full moon

and I am your water-lily.

This solitude night

for you and me only

Could lily be existing without

the moon?

Now, tell me, my friend.

Why are you so far from me?

I can’t bear any more.

I cry with prostrating myself, bitterly.

Please, bind me,

tight within your arms.

Gaze on me innocently, once please.

Your peeping into my eyes, would

fill deep sleep within my eyes.

Let’s start

searching our love,

deep in that  sleep;

with a sense of oblivion towards

all these sorrowful poetry!

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